Defining Your Target Audience for Effective B2B Digital Marketing Strategy

Industry: Unless you market a niche product designed only for a particular industry, it can be immensely helpful to know which industries leverage your products the most. Know what industries your buyers are in and understand what strategies work best for each. Marketing strategies that work for the finance industry might not be nearly as effective when marketing to manufacturing or logistics companies. Consider the size of the company that your products are most popular with. Does it coincide more with mid-size companies or small startups?

Number of Employees: Are your products most popular with small startups? Growing mid-sized companies? Sprawling enterprises? Knowing what size business your product is most attractive to tells you where to go to find more like-minded buyers.

Location (Geographic): Are your customers concentrated in Turkey or spread across Europe? Should you run more marketing campaigns in France or in Istanbul? Potential prospects at different geographic locations can value different aspects of products or services, depending on their needs, resources, and industry focus. Understanding variations in the buyers at geographic locations will assist in the creation of your target market and marketing plans.

Executive Title: Who usually makes the purchase decision to buy your products? The CFO? CEO? A middle manager? Discover which job titles represent your most dependable buyers. In each case, focus on how the details of each persona can direct the approach taken by your content. And remember, in larger organizations, there may be several people involved in each buying decision, and a different persona for each role will likely produce the most effective results.

Sales Cycle: If you don’t understand the sales cycle, you can easily waste lots of time and effort marketing to businesses or individuals who never actually intend to buy. Find out the length of time a buyer usually takes to conduct diligent research and make an informed purchase decision versus how long a shopper with no intent to buy might waste your time.

Additional Firmographics to Consider: What time of year is the busiest season for your customers? What is their climate like? When do they need to stock up on your products or take advantage of your services? Knowing them is the ticket to marketing to them successfully.




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Sevim Ors

Sevim Ors

Digital Marketing Enthusiast

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